Fireflies! It has been a fact for ages that Azerbaijan has been called the Land of Fire. It was the main source of inspiration to name the project FireFlies. From 2015 many people came for that project. In 2016 summer, 14 people from all over the world visit Azerbaijan to become FireFlies and carry this fire, warmness and enormous impact back to their country, enlightening their way and be a light for the people around.


And in 2017, 23 students came to the Land of Fire to do the same and raise the awareness of the world about Azerbaijan. Here they are. 


They are present in Azerbaijan to visit the places and share their impressions here in this blog. This year 23 young people flew from all over the world to Azerbaijan to become Fireflies! They spread the light of the Land of Fire to the world, helping it to shine brighter! Read their thoughts and impressions about Azerbaijan in this blog and get enlightened!

Stay tuned to see what is about to come!

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