9AM – Baku Azerbaijan.

The sun is shining, the weather is cool, and you’re enjoying your breakfast in one of the various restaurants of the Old City. A place that takes you back in time to the 12th century with its old Persian architecture. The streets are tight and empty. Only a few locals are preparing their traditional shops and setting their merchandises. The deeper you go into it, the more you feel the importance of this fortress.

At some point, you got lost and just arrived in front of the Maiden Tower, a touching building to its history and the famous love story that happened.


It’s 11am…

As you finished your walk through the old city, you ended up in “Targovaya”, the Champs-Elysées of Baku. It begins from the fountain square, and the more you continue the more you feel the mixture of its architecture.


From the neogothic, to the baroque and neoclassicism. This area of the city, full of parks, fountains and statues takes you to a summer day in Budapest or Prague.

The more you walk the more you feel the melting pot and diversity of this country. You can notice all of this simply in its architecture.


Now it’s 4pm. Your direction takes you to the boulevard, also known as the National Park. This park that was established in 2009 and is right next to the Caspian Sea. This beautiful park that surrounds the coast offers a beautiful view of the bay. It also has many places to see, like the Park Boulevard, tens of restaurants, some gardens, and beautiful little Venice. A beautiful and fancy place that was. You had the chance to rent and ride bicycles by the shore. You felt the freedom as you rode under the sun with the wind stroking on our shoulder. Especially when you just closed your eyes for a second and rolled with no hands on the wheel.

If you looked on your right side, you could admire the endless sea. The boulevard extended towards Bayil settlement, where the National Flag Square is. According to Guinness Book of Records the flag flies on a pole 162 meters’ high which makes it the world’s 3rd highest flag. Moreover, you can find the Baku Crystal Hall near the Flag. The hall provides an impressive scene at night because of its colorful lights. Hours have passed without noticing.


In fact, this city is located on the coast of “Country of fire”. It shows a modern and fashionable architecture complexion, becoming the new symbol of the capital of Azerbaijan. The name speaks for itself “Flame Towers”. It was 9 PM, as these three giant buildings raged with flames that are visible from any point of Baku. The view is spectacular, and yet more pleasant that you can absolutely enjoy it for free. It’s dinner time already, so you grabbed a doner to eat as you watched the LED screens light up with flames on the Flame Towers, showing the motion of fire. This astonishing show, along with the enormous size of the towers transform the buildings into three giant torches. It’s a dinner and a show!


Nowadays, a luxurious hotel Fairmont Baku, offices, apartments and dwellings suites are situated in the Flame Towers. The complex was constructed in five years, from 2007 till 2012. By the way, each tower is higher than the other by 20-30 m. Which makes their heights 140, 160 and 190 m high. The architecture of the Flame Towers is unusual and interesting, not only because it’s the symbol of Azerbaijan and its flames, but because of the feeling of warmth that they give you when you look at them.

It was such a long day in Baku. But, the night just started…