Our last day in the region of Azerbaijan started with waking up too early from what we were used to. It would be the last time that all volunteers would stay in the same place and our final day would continue with Ganja, the last city on our trip.

Before we left we had a nice sweet cake that our project manager had prepared for us.

As we were driving to Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, you could see the beautiful landscape of the area, the green and brown colours and the blues sky, some hours later we made our first stop.

The Nizami Mausoleum, where the poet Nizami Ganjavi rests is located outside of Ganja, it was rebuilt in 1991 and it is surrounded by metal statues representing his poets. Nijami, who live in the 12 century, is considered one of the greatest romantic poets of the Persian literature, with his most famous notable work being The Five Jewels.

Ganja’s history starts it the early times as an important city of Caucasus. Early artefacts are the Ganja gate, one of the six that survived through time, when in the 11 century they would surround the city walls. Not many tourists know but it was the first capital of Azerbaijan at 1918 and after the Soviets, who had changed the city’s name, during the independence the city took its old name back. Nowadays it’s the most tourist attraction city after Baku and it was selected for European Youth Capital for 2016. The Nizami Museum, the lakes and the Khan Bagy Park are the first places that a tourist should visit.

Our next stop was the lakes of Ganja were we visited two of them. The most famous of them is Lake Goygol. It is a very nice place to walk and enjoy the nature. There are 200 stairs that connect the two lakes with souvenirs benches during the route.


After our visit to the lake and a quick lunch at a nearby restaurant where we ate the most delicious qutab we left for the city. A few hours later we were going to continue our adventure to Georgia and a local offered to keep our luggage’s to his house so we could enjoy the city. It was after ten the night and the city was almost empty with a few tourists. We had a small walk in the city centre and we spent our time sitting on a bench talking and waiting for the time that we had to say goodbye to the city and leave for our next trip.