It’s the end of the day but the prelude of my Azerbaijan night-life. It is the most romantic, relaxing and comfortable time for drinking tea with sunset, breeze and friends. I love drinking tea and can do it whenever I want. So it was a good surprise for me that the locals are also tea-lovers. In my country, I drink all kinds of tea without adding anything, but here black (strong) one is popular and you can add sugar to make it sweet and fresh lemon to make it less bitter. Also, a definite amount of coffins in the tea will help keep me sober. I noticed that for locals drinking tea is something more than a regular activity for getting rid of thirstiness, due to it people get to know each other better and become closer.  So, my perfect evening was when I and my friends went to a café near the sea to have a couple of cups of tea, to make some conversation and enjoy the stunning sunset.


I think walking along the Boulevard is the second thing that must be done to make an evening even better after drinking tea. And I could never see Boulevard in sleeping state, at any time of the day thousands of people walk through it and in their hearts the Boulevard burns in its own way. It fascinates and attracts with its immensity, beauty and atmosphere, and everyone can find a place and entertainment for themselves. That is why we also wanted to make our evening more interesting. So the trip on a boat will decorate our pastime on the boulevard. Three-deck “Mirvari” is the largest pleasure boat in Baku water area. And it is very comfortable and spacious. It will satisfy every visitor since there is a covered area, protected from the wind and other weather troubles, and at the same time open spaces on the upper decks and on the sides. From the sea, we saw a beautiful panoramic view of the seaside boulevard and the whole city. The view of the night city is even more fascinating, the lights of night Baku touch the thinnest strings of my soul and create such a romantic atmosphere on the boat. I’m sure everyone will receive their own portion of pleasure. And this trip gave me a feeling of lightness and harmony, secluded from my thoughts…

I looked at this beautiful piece of the world

and thanked fate for being here, in Baku.

So, as the night is falling this city becomes more and more relaxed, time passes more slowly and as the sun stops shining I can feel just pure warmth hugging me. In my mind staying at the sea side seems like a place where I can relax for a bit and enjoy the view from another side. The Boulevard is the road lying on the seashore, I can see big area made only for walking, riding bicycles and enjoying sea side. The Boulevard is separated from the road with beautiful trees surrounded with flowers and big benches. You can notice it is inviting you to take a rest and escape the busy reality that is happening on the other side of these tree-walls. There are couples, big groups of friends, kids, pets taking time for themselves and people they love. Walking through Boulevard makes me feel like the part of this world that I actually don’t know but it feels so familiar to me.


Probably that is why I didn’t notice how time flew by and how I spent all nights in Boulevard. I’ve been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be. Walking along the seaside, I looked up at the sky and lost myself in watching this amazing scene. All of these stars will guide us home and all of the lights will lead into the night. I can see the stars in Azerbaijan, I wonder do you see them too? At that very special moment, I just want to see it with you.


At about 4:30, a bit of red ray appears in the east and it is becoming brighter and brighter. Everything in Baku starts waking up from a sweet dream. I also had a sweet dream about this whole beautiful city yesterday. The sun starts to rise from the coastline. The new day begins and everyone can continue to work hard. The sun sprung out of the sea water, looking like a large elliptic ball, and the sky in the east becomes red. People in Azerbaijan now are full of energy to embrace their new life and I am also hopeful to enjoy the rest of time to feel the beauty of Baku.