Azerbaijan – in translation it means a Land of Fire. It is known for its flames that can be found burning in nature because of the chemical reactions. But beside this natural miracle, there are a lot more flames burning in this country, one of them are definitely local girls who are making this country warmer and dynamic. In the point where Europe and Asia are colliding, they took the best from both sides.


No matter how beautiful Baku is, the most important thing about every city is people who live in it and beautify this wonderful place. So I can surely say Azerbaijanis are one of the warmest, sincere and open people. And the most beautiful representatives of these people are women. I admire not only their outer but also inner beauty. Feel their kind attitude like some kind of care, and see how they are ready to help out and support. All this I experienced when I meet these two Azerbaijani beauties. I would never have believed that you can so easily communicate and make friends with a passer-by on the street. But in Baku, it’s more than real. I was in a terribly bad mood, not knowing where to go and with whom, I just sat on a bench next to the Maiden Fortress, covering my face with my hands, and pressing my knees to myself, suddenly these two angels sat down and asked how I am and what it happened to me. We have talked a little bit and they figured out I was craving for some company. So they invited me to Nuteland where we drank really sweet cocktails (girls know what can make us happy). This evening was remembered in my head due to uncontrollable laughter and sincere revelations. In just one evening we became so close. This is how Baku acquaints and brings people closer.


During the summer Universities are closed, students are having the break that never lasts long enough. I met these girls walking through the old city of Baku talking in English. First moment I was confused because by the look they don’t seem like tourists.

I approached them and asked: “Where are they from?”

They started laughing and said: “From here.”

After few minutes of talking they explained to me that during the summer they have enough time to take English language classes and because of all the tourists in the city they actually have a chance to practice it. They are now students and after their studies, they want to have great careers and they are already working hard to achieve it. They said studying is never boring and hard if you do it to improve yourself, so they are more than happy to spend their summer like this even if it involves a lot of books, classrooms and exams. They have a goal and they will achieve it.


Wandering alone, the baby seemed helpless but I couldn’t help taking photos for him. I kept distance from him to take care of him and wait for his parents. Two girls passed and took his hands. Curiously, I came close and talked to them.
“Is this your kid?”
I turned nervous and was ready to protect the baby.
Suddenly she realized something, “Ah! Yes, he is my kid, I’m his aunt”
All of us laughed, “He is so cute, can I take more pictures for you?”
“Sure, we love taking care of him when his parents are busy. I want him to be fancy so I dressed him today.”
The baby seemed innocent and naughty when his hands were hold. That’s when the photo above was taken. The girls show the truth about themselves – family oriented and kind hearted. They can act as mothers but there are still little girls inside their hearts. You may find Azerbaijan girls cherish their family so much, and it’s one of the most shining points you can’t ignore.


She is from Gəncə, a city in the northwest of Azerbaijan. This is the second time that she has been on the seaside of Caspian Sea. Last time, she went there with her boyfriend. They had a good time which is still rewinding in her mind. They carved their names on the rock and promised that they would love each other forever. But this time she came on her own. She said when she came here and sat on the seaside that she decided to forget the past and look forward to the new life. That day was her 21st birthday. “My birthday wish in this year is very simple; I just don’t want to be a boring girl.”


“It has been months since I last met her. She was my best friend. We have known each other for eleven years and I thought we could be together like forever. Time flies. She has her own life and so do I and we started to move out from each other’s sight. We do sent loves and kisses and meet once in a while. But I missed the old days when we were drinking milk tea, strolling down the street, taking selfies and dreaming about our future. ”


Every girl in the world is special and powerful, what makes them unique is their culture and lifestyle. Azerbaijanis are very lucky with their girls because they have both eastern charm and a modern view of the world. They are flames of this nation; they keep on burning, loving, achieving, helping and making this great city even more beautiful and alive.

Baku, be proud of them!

Article: Bjanka Gabric, Tian Zixin, Liu Shuang, Chen Chujun, Saule Syzdykova

Photo: Tian Zixin