Highland Park


The first place for really great photos is Highland Park. Here you will have the greatest view on the Baku! This place differs from others with not only great view on the top so that you can see near the half of the Baku, but also with the historical importance. Here you can find everlasting flame for the brave men, who protected Baku in the 1990s, moreover, some pictures of them are there also.


The view from Highland park is very special and any citizen here will suggest you this place. Many tourists come here to visit, this view worth 200 or more steps to go up and see that beauty. This is a must see place to every tourist, you will understand better small Baku streets, orientate yourself in which side you stay, so not only taking pictures here the beneficial thing about the Highland park, b also to get some knowledge about the history.


From the Highland park, there is seen Flame Towers, in the evening they shine with different lights and shows different pictures on it. This building is well constructed and has 3 towers like petals of the flower. Mostly it shows the flag of Azerbaijan (ask local what does their flag mean, it is interesting). So visit the Highland park and you will not be disappointed as it is not wasting time at all. It is bright memories, good pictures, and the special view, which you will remember for whole your life, and save in your heart the picture of Baku in that way.

Old City


Another must see place that we suggest is Old City and all the staff in it. Talking about Old City, currently approximately 4000 people live in this region; there are many hotels and restaurants, quite expensive, however, you can try some photos in the cafes here as they have thematic decorations of middle ages. The important thing is that you can visit this place whenever you want as pictures here will be always bright. During the day you can take pictures in the streets and cafes, even in front of the doors, as they are handmade and everything here is done within the consideration of the previous state of the Old City. The night time gives you some silence and magic lights everywhere so the lack of the sunlight will not be a problem for you.

The significance of the place is that you might lose the reality and just move to the 12th century and feel as the part of the historical event. Firstly you should start by just walking down the streets from the Icherisheher metro station as everywhere in the turning points there are some really lovely places to take photos.


While going you can see many little shops selling different souvenirs, this place in middle ages had a bazaar so it is also the part of the history where you can be involved in.  The last stop is Qiz Qalasy as there is a beautiful view from the top of the tower. The legends of the Maiden Tower will also create a romantic atmosphere, so taking photos there might become a more enjoyable process for you. We can’t finish the article without mentioning walls, in some places the grass is growing on the walls and there are some pictures that is made in the 21st century and these all staff might be the suitable background for your photos.



If you want to combine pleasant with useful you need to visit the seaside! The magnificent photos, positive emotions and wonderful rest to you are guaranteed.

Baku is located near the Caspian Sea, so it is a good opportunity for beach tourism to spread. You can find more than 100 beaches near the city and choose the one you like. Unfortunately, water is not so clear however the temperature of the sea is very pleasant. There are so many places to go, the cheapest one where you don’t need to pay or the expensive ones where you pay a lot but get the attention and care. It is up to you where to go. The cheapest beaches always are full people and water is not so clean. To avoid this you can visit the paid beaches. The price can vary from 2 to 30 manats. It is better to ask local people which place is better. Everybody in this country is very helpful and responsive. They definitely won’t deny you and even can show the way to the best place to relax.


We can recommend you two beaches which turned out to be more attractive to me. The first one Crescent beach near the well-known hotel has very clean water and offers high-quality service. The most pleasant thing is that it costs only 5 manats! You will have free of people beach, comfortable sun lounge with umbrella, shower and changing room. You can be free to take photos because people there don’t pay attention to you. You can enjoy the cozy atmosphere that is here and forget about your problems. Photos will express soul harmony and satisfaction with life. You can swim and see the view on mountings and cute country houses. So the beach is very calm and quiet and if you are a person who likes loud music and energetic people you must go to Mambo beach.


Little Venice


Have you ever been in Venice? Have you ever wanted to ride a boat on the famous channels? Baku can make your dream comes true.  Near the subway Icheri Sheher, you can find a place “Small Venice”, after the Carpet museum (see the map). It is a little “Italian corner” in Azerbaijan. The history of this place started with mayors of the city who was inspired by the beauty of Venice. He wanted to make the exact copy of such channels in Baku. Unfortunately, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Italian channel was in an awful state, nobody was interested in it. When the museum of the Carpet has begun to be under construction, Venice which is located near started to change. It was reconstructed and turned into the beautiful place where you can relax and take some photos.


Small Venice consists of channels with a small depth. Instead of simple boats, you can notice exotic gondolas which go on channels. For a small payment, you can ride on boats and have a rest. Also, you can eat in restaurants and cafes which can be found on the territory of Venice.

In the evening, the territory is illuminated by lights. It is a real pleasure to walk there with your friends and enjoy the time.


In order to receive the good photo, it is necessary to sit down between channels. On the background can be flame towers or a Marble Bridge. If you want your photo to be more realistic put on a hat or a long dress. Your friends will precisely believe that you have visited the Real Venice.



The place where many local people go for a walk is Baku eye and Boulevard, here is the calm place with a good view to the seaside. If you see the sea for the first time this place will be your favourite in Baku. You can take pictures and selfies, but it will be better if you come on twilight as it is most suitable time to relax there, at noon it is too hot.

Near the Baku eye, there is a perfect symmetry so good photographer will notice it. You can take pictures here standing or sitting as we took, everything up to your creativity. Also, you should get into Baku eye, not for the pictures but just for enjoying the great view on the top. It will not be as beautiful as Highland park view, however, this place has its own beauty.


Sitting in the cabin, feeling the wind, and just watching outside… you can feel patience calmness and freedom in this place. Don’t know why, but it is so. If you are tired of the noise and want just good pictures within the good relaxation, or need to think in a silent place, Naberezhka and Baku eye wait for you.


Environment of Boulevard is very beautiful,  you can go to café nearby and have some local delicious food. May be it is quite expensive, but the atmosphere, the sea, the calmness, everything worth to be done. Come here, and you will not be saddened, as this place won’t give you a chance to be sad!


Article: Anelya Nurzhan, Irina Abramkina
Photos: Malika Makhmudova, Edwin Kusno, Kewin Saputro