What are the most concern things when you go travel? Apart from accommodation and cost of living, transportation must be listed in Top 3 for sure. It’s will cost a lot for tourist to grab a cab for sightseeing all around the city. But that won’t happen in Baku.

No car? No worries! Baku Metropolitan provided you the extensive metro system, consisted of 3 lines and 25 metro stations. These stations will guide you through the city.


 Red line

Start with the red line with the most famous area in Baku, ‘the old city’ area.

Old City or inner city or Icherisheher in Azerbaijani language is a historical area since 12th century as a defensive wall. Although this wall was built for a thousand of year, time couldn’t beat the beautiful and greatness of Icherisheher. For the metro station is the red line (Qırmızı xətt) there’re 2 important stations here, Icherisheher (İçəri Şəhər) station and Sahil station.

1)Icheriseher Station, as you can see from its name. The station is located in the heart of the old city area.

Palace of the Shirvanshahs (Şirvanşahlar Sarayı)

A stunning 15th century palace, was built in the period of the Shirvanshah dynasty.


Flame Tower
One of Baku’s landmarks.
With its curved shape like a flame agreeable with the well-known name of Azerbaijan, ‘Land of fire’.

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Highland Park (Dağüstü Park)
Hop on the free funicular to the Highland Park. A park with the best bay viewpoint!


YARAT Contemporary art Center
Walk along the boulevard from the Highland Park, 20 minutes then you’ll see the YARAT.
One of the famous art spaces for all artist and art lover.
Carpet Museum (Azərbaycan Xalça Muzeyi)
Azerbaijani’s carpets aren’t just an ordinary carpet, but it’s the story teller item, memory keeper and art! This place has a largest collection of Azerbaijani’s carpets in the world.

2)Sahil Station. If Icherisheher Station located in the heart of old city, Sahil Station is for the modern day. Sahil Station located in the core of city Center. Everything you want is here. Tasty restaurant, fine dining, all leisure activities are here. This station’s always crowned but that’s a good thing!

The Maiden Tower
An ancient fortress, which is listed as the UNESCO’s world heritage. Climbing up to the top then you’ll get the priceless scenery of Baku city and Caspian Sea.
Nizami Theater
Even though you don’t speak Azerbaijani or Russian, don’t miss a new coming movie! Nizami Theater offers you various movie options whether English soundtrack with Azeri Subtitle even 2D or 3D at the affordable price and very helpful staff.



Green line (Yaşıl xətt) 

1) 28 May Station. A well-known shopping center, 28 mall is here. Less than 5 minutes walking from the station. And if you love wandering around explore local way of life. Try Yaşıl Bazar, the local market 10 minutes walking from station. Here you can find a food, tea leaf even a nice souvenir and it’s cheaper than in the city!

2)Nəriman Nərimanov Station. Haydar Aliyev Center, the exhibition and cultural center. Here you’ll explore more about Azerbaijan and the beloved nation leader, Haydar Aliyev.


3)Koroğlu Station. This station is a bus port. You can take buses to other tourist attractions from here. There are many interesting places around Baku.

4)Shah Ismail Hatai Station (Şah İsmayıl Xətai). From this station, take a 15 minutes walking then welcome you to Baku Museum of Modern Art (Müasir İncəsənət Muzeyi) Take your time and appreciate a joy of art.

5)Gənclik station. ADA University located here. There’s a cool park with lake which people usually go there and relax. Moreover, not far from the park, a brand new Gənclik mall is waiting for you.

6)Nizami Ganjevi Station (Nizami Gəncəvi). Love stage play?  Then Azerbaijan Dramatic Theater (Azerbaycan dramatik teatri) is your answer! Buy a ticket and enjoy all national drama play.

Not satisfied yet? Here is the fact that Baku also has the hidden beauty which appears only in the night hour. If you’re in no hurry, go walking along the Boulevard, you can sit there, relaxing from a tired day by looking at the Caspian Sea and the city light.


Moreover, go enjoying a night life in City Center. Baku has many interesting local Pub & Restaurants for you to visit.

Nevertheless, no need to be concerned about the way back home. The metro business hour is early morning (6 a.m.) till late night (24.00). So take your time! Last but not least, Baku metro is the best wallet-friendly choice. With only 0.20 AZN per one ride and you can wherever you want in the city. That’s why, whether being a backpacker, solo traveler or even family tour. Baku Metro surely is your answer for discovery this city of wind.

Now find your nearest metro station, hop on and enjoy exploring Baku!

Written by Panita BunyasirThailand

Photos by Panita Bunyasiri, Thailand / Hara Stamati, Greece