This article is about art. Simple paintings and creations but with a strong background.

In Art Contemporary museum and Museum of Modern Art you can find some old paintings, but also  a lot of new paintings and creations because the nowadays artists try to show us, through different ways, problems about pollution, religion, culture, political relationships.

I saw a lot of pictures, paintings or sketch about history, about people who fight for a better future and scenes from wartime. I could notice, after I entered in this country that history is an important, but in the same time a sensible subject for the people from this country. They know that Azerbaijani is a rich country because of her natural resources and because of beautiful landscapes and people, so they want to fight for a free country, in which everybody can has an opinion, an idea for development.

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If you came in Azerbaijani and you don`t know what industry, jobs you can find here, is easy  to realize after this museums, because this is an important economical factor so some artists  show us this with simple paintings.


In this museums, you can appreciate a lot of landscapes – mountains, rivers, people in villages, traditional costumes for woman – it is a good advertisement for that places because  after I visited this museums, I have gone in few parts of Azerbaijani and I could find that pictures in real life.

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But, what is the most important thing in a country? Of course, people, because without people nothing can work, function well, in the good part. It`s  normal to see happy and sad faces because in all over the world some people work hard for their life and rights, and some people just use their power and their mind, talents.


Also, you can discover pictures with people in different stage of life, because of their unhealthy habits – sometimes is just about our unhealthy soul and thinking. The collection of paintings and sculptures shows aspirations, striving and freedom of human soul.


The exposition proceeds even in “Art Café”, where the visitors can go on with the aesthetic rest and the same time taste some delicious variety of dishes presented in the café.

So, modern art is about your first impression, your imagination, what words or stories can you tell after you visit this kind of places without you know something about art or artists.

Written by: Andreea Soare, Romania

Photos by: Anastasia Shymchenco, Moldova

25 July 2016