Azerbaijan is  known to be one of the oldest countries in the world. It means that historical places can be found in all the parts of it, both in big cities and small villages. But usually tourists pay attention only to well-known sightings, forgetting about such important and enormously interesting places as Mardakan.

Arriving in the village, you won’t believe that only in 34 km from the huge and modern Baku there can situate such a small picturesque place as Mardakan. You will go through narrow streets of the village, explore every single building, thinking about the story that each of them has. It will seem to you that every rock in the fences, every door of nearby houses are special. There is no surprise in it, because Mardakan is one of the oldest villages of the Absheron peninsula where it is situated. It was named after a tribe called the Mards, which translates from Azerbaijani as “Braves” who lived in the area during the 1st century AD. The long history of the village left its traces. The most important of them are Round Tower and Quadrangular castle. Let’s go through the life of the last one more detailed. 

Shirvanshah of Shirvan Akhsitan I who ruled territory of Azerbaijan in XIV century, is known by different achievements. He replaced the capital city to Baku and built the most famous place in whole Azerbaijan – Maiden Tour. But not everyone knows that it was he who in XIV century built Quadrangular castle in honor of bright victory over the enemy. Time was passing, the periods were changing but the castle left staying in Mardakan as it used to stay centuries ago.


The tower of the castle is built and made in four-cornered shape and raises in 22 meters above sea. It divides into five stages and every visitor of the castle can go on each of them. The medium thickness of the walls is 2 meters that was the best protection from the enemies in Medieval times.


You will probably ask, why this fortress is so special? It doesn’t attract hundreds of tourists each month and not even all Azerbaijani citizens know about its existment. But exactly this fact is the special feature of this castle. Its misery  calls people from all parts of the world to discover itself. So, if you want to get to know the history of Azerbaijan more, visit Mardakan and leave your own steps in its exploration!

Hanna Geregieva, Ukraine

20 July 2016