Welcome to Azerbaijan with its capital- BAKU! One of the most exciting and cutting-edge urban transformations in the world. This country is located at the crisscross of the Europe, Asia and the Middle East, truly demonstrating the integrity of this three parts of the world.


This unrepeatable place is reintroducing itself to the world, while UNESCO is struggling to bring this heritage to the world and the buildings of the future are built. This is Baku – REACHING NEW HEIGHT.

Looking at modern architecture of Baku, Azerbaijan, I start to think that soon this city will have one of the most futuristic looks on the planet. Even ten years ago it was impossible to predict how the city image will change over the time. Some of the projects are already completed, some are still under construction they are plenty of proposals.


I am not going to tell you about all of these places one by one, but still I want to describe the atmosphere and the feelings that this place has woken up in all of the corners of my soul. As a student, always willing to travel and escape from the routine, I have found Baku one of the most astonishing places to be and to live the moment. While walking all around and visiting the touristic attractions I totally fell in love with the oriental notes combining with occidental tendencies that all together form what we call now – BAKU!


Although the most surprising for me was feeling the big gap between my own country- Moldova and Azerbaijan, that both had to overcome the times of getting from soviet to modern times. I feel the results and the struggles of these people to improve and to live better are so different from ours and it could look a real example that everything is possible, only the willing and a bit of effort are necessary.

I still have to discover a lot about this amazing land and feel that it still has a lot of surprises hidden for me, hope only the best ones 🙂

Anastasia Shymcenco, Moldova

20 July 2016