The first thing that catches your eyes is the buildings. The buildings that tower over you, meet you, and leave a deep mark in your memory. Azerbaijan, a country with a rich history and culture that you can get on the appearance of the city.

In the capital can be seen as the construction of the Middle Ages, as the construction of modern architecture. Ever since Mesut Ibn Dawud survived such structures as the Gys Galasy, which means Maiden Tower. Legends that girl throw herself from the tower, for the sake of love … Love … I have heard that Baku is one of the most romantic cities … and I totally agree with that … I think it’s the love of those hearts that have given their lives, still hovers in these places … and creates a mysterious atmosphere of warmth and comfort.


Talking about the buildings from the last century … Center of the city… classicism … Walking through the cozy streets of the city, you forget that you are in the post-soviet city. All restraint, in the same style … colonnades and arcades and fountains … sculptures … There is one feature – ornament … It particularly emphasize the individuality of the local architecture. It says that every architect, trying to pass wealth to the next generation, and to convey the spirit of the Azerbaijani culture. And I think they managed to create something different, special… that even I can’t express in words.

Everyone remembers the city or place in his own way… I could not pass the element of architecture, as the texture. It was very interesting to study a variety of coatings of small architectural forms, each was different, but all of them has something similar… something from the east, something from Azerbaijan …


It’s not all about the architecture …

And in the end I’d like to share sweet post about sweet jam … that will not leave you indifferent …Fig jam … a combination of taste and color I have never tried it, yummy…so if someone wants, I will share when I will be at home… Or if you are already here, in Azerbaijan, ask in all shops of the city… You will never regret…



Nursultan Nurdin uulu