Baku is a big modern city. One of those things which you will noticed here is the cleanliness of the city. They pay attention for environmental pollution problems and waste management.

At Gala state History and Ethnography Reserve you can find an art gallery where during several years popular artists from different countries of the world show us their fascinating artworks created from trash. The main aim of this exhibition – to bring to viewers the importance of waste problems.


The eternal global question – trying to reveal a link between an environment and the sphere of consumption. Two pressing issues that we face every day. We turn to the art everything that we can not just throw away, give the value for things which is important for us, associate them with our memories. In this gallery of contemporary art in Gala were collected the works of artists from all over the world. They make their original artworks from warriors debris, from the fact that the average person could just throw away. They give a sense for things with which we usually encounter every day.


Their installations are created from plastic debris, paper bags, electronical waste, metal, rubber products, domestic waste and so on. They want to show that it is possible to create beautiful objects from waste, display a human soul made out of garbage. Nowadays, making pieces of art from wastes is evaluated as “an alternative art”, banal work and challenging the rules. The exhibition demonstrate that the art has the power to recreate and digest even trash!


The installations will cause you mixed feelings, maybe you will find your own vices here.