The first thing that catches your eye – the architecture. Watching from the window of an airplane, you can already see that you came to where you had wanted, dreamed, wished and you can see how the city developed.

Baku. Long live to your hospitality. From the passport department of airport, until today, I’m amazed how people can be hospitable, polite and responsive. Walking around the city, studying history, you open a whole new world, a world that is rich in its history, culture and traditions. What I would especially like to notice, so it’s safe city. In all tourist cities and centers, the first rule to be careful. But in Baku, the first rule is, do not worry!  Nothing can happen, and this is a big plus for travelers.

All the big cities have the feature, and Baku is no exception. Visiting the city you can immediately feel the mystery and majesty of these places, medieval buildings, the buildings of the Soviet time and brand new masterpieces of architecture. The synthesis of architectural styles and schools of different times, talks about the rich heritage of the people, about how art has evolved, and what influence on architecture and people on their behavior.



Art. I guess you all know the motives of Azerbaijani music, the harmony of sounds “saz” and “zurna”. By the way, you do not need to go somewhere special to listen to such motives, you can listen to them on the subway, at each station, special motive. I liked Koroglu metro stations music, which causes the courage described in the famous epic Koroglu Dastani.

Baku, Azerbaijan, is a very cozy, very unique and interesting place to stay. And this is only the first impression of him …