Azerbaijan, a country of Eurasia and as former part of the Soviet Union. Located between Turkey, Georgia, Iran and the Caspian Sea, also known for the rich natural resources of oil and gas. It is seems as a country of nothing and boring, but not until you found out what is inside the Land of Fire.

Having a metro in the capital city of Baku, connecting people from Dərnəgül to Həzi Aslanov and from İçərişəhər to Bakmil, it is one of the easiest metro in the world, compared to France, or maybe Singapore, Baku has only 3 lines that makes you easy to travel and not to get lost. So there is no reason not to visit Baku as a free independent traveler. As a capital city, Baku is safe because Baku has so many cameras on the street that will make you feel safe. And never doubt the hospitality of the Azeri people, they may look like they are fierce, but you just have to ask them nicely and they will be polite to you and even help you so much. I have been in a situation, as a girl, standing in a very crowded metro with my backpack, and a lady that is sitting in front of me asking me to put my bag and let her hold it for me. And I am more than sure you will experience the hospitality of Azeri people in Azerbaijan.

Not just the beauty of the kind people, but also the beauty of the city is worth your time to visit Baku. Bulvar, or Boulevard in English, is located on the seafront of the Caspian sea, 7-10 minutes away by walking from 28 May metro station. A place where you can take a walk or even rent a bike to enjoy the wind of the sea, bird feeding the seagulls and sight seeing the city of Baku from Baku eye.

There are no worries on walking along the Bulvar since it has Park Bulvar Mall for a place if you need something to buy, or even if you want to go shopping after enjoying the beauty of the Caspian sea. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, Adidas, Nike, United Colors of Benetton and others are available in Park Bulvar Mall. What about food ? this is definitely not a problem. Bulvar brings the Venice of Italy to Azerbaijan for your lunch or maybe dinner at Venezia Restaurant. You will feel the excitement of being in two countries at one place.

There is no enough of Azerbaijan since Baku is a very proud city that it has hosted the very 1st European games, which is an international multi-sport event contested by athletes from European nations that will be hold every four years after by the European Olympic Committees (EOC). Walking along the Bulvar, at the end you will see a flag that once was the highest flag in the world by Guinness Book of Records for its 162 meters (531 ft) high with a flag measuring 70 by 35 meters (230 by 115 ft). Not proud enough ? Baku has Crystal Hall, a beautiful architecture of a hall has held performances by J.lo, Rihanna, Shakira and also Beyoncé.

Now you see, there are no reasons not to visit Baku as a free independent traveler, a group, or even with family. Baku will sure serve you its beauty and hospitality as you imagine while reading this, the beauty of Bulvar Baku, Azerbaijan.

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