You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. That’s what Walt Disney said but he didn’t mention that all your dreams will come to live in Azerbaijan the land of fire where you can see the wonderful creation of God, the mother nature with the many contributions of man from the ancient eras till today. Azerbaijan is the home to the very different of landscapes. Mountain ridges, crests, tails and plateaus are very dominant in the land-mass of Azerbaijan. The Greater Caucasus Mountains protect the country from the straightaway influences coming from the north, Siberian and Scandinavian anticyclone. In the south parts of Azerbaijan subtropical climate can be obviously observed. Nearly half of all the mud volcanoes (350 mud volcanoes from 800 across the world) on the Earth are only situated in Azerbaijan. I will go with you through many places I have visited in Azerbaijan and especially Shaki that really fascinated me.

First Şäki, the prime example of naturalism movements, one of the most beautiful, original regions of Azerbaijan There you can see the grass, the sky, the birds, and the flowers surrounded the trees, mountains, green, fresh air and don’t forget the ancient places you can see. This place will fill your heart with love, happiness and inner peace. Furthermore, Şäki is one of the oldest cities in Azerbaijan, it has a number of buildings of historical interest, among which are the palace, mosques, and baths; moreover, it has some light industry, including silk weaving.

The first thing we saw in our visit to Şäki is the Palace of Shaki Khans , what caught my eyes there was the colorful windows decorating all the palace .The art of the stained glass which is called in Azerbaijan (Shebeke). And that word actually comes from the Arabic word  (شبك) Which means web. The maker of this kind of windows must be very professional because they have to put all the glass pieces together without a glue or a single nail just like the manufacture of carpets in Azerbaijan which also needs so much patient and accuracy.



Now moving to the most delicious part, The food. Shek’s food is very special and delicious especially Piti which is a soup of meat and Chickpea, once I put the spoon on my mouth I just remembered the Egyptian soup (ِشوربة كوارع) İt was really delicious I advise everyone come to Baku to try this meal.


Transforming from the heavy meal piti to the sweet dessert baklava which is just made in Şäki. And of course I insisted to take some with me to my country.


  Our next station is Sheki Caravanserai, as all Caravanserai in Azerbaijan it was made for travelers and caravans, to illustrate it was built by merchants for guests to relax and continue on their way. They created the calm, safe and comfortable weather for the traders to reach an agreement on their bargains.


The last station in Shekiç is the Church of Kish or Holy Mother of God Church The Caucasian Albanian Church and the oldest church in the Caucasus, Located in the village of kish north of sheki ,furthermore, it’s well-known with its unique architectural monument and don’t forget the position of this church with the green mountains in the back just like a beautiful painting.Besides that you can find there the graves of the Albanian people of I-V B.C.


  Azerbaijan is The land of many religions, cultures, history and Civilizations. You can enjoy all of this not only in the capital city Baku but in every region in Azerbaijan like Sheki, Länkäran Lowland, gabla, ganga, ismailli, quba, qasar and many of the beautiful cities, villages and beaches. And of course not only the nature you will admire there but also the great architecture decorating Azerbaijan and I mean the modern one and the old one as well.