It is certain that each country is famous for something, or some things are more appreciated than in other countries. Everything is a matter of what is the localization of country, what is the infrastructure and how the residents approach to acquiring wealth of their country. Some things are seen different by citizens of Central East Europe. In this article I would like to mention a few things that I think give a lot of potential to this country.

Most of the wealth of the country is a significant income of countries, so there is the same situation with Azerbaijan. It is obvious that oil and gas account for a huge part of the country’s wealth. These raw materials allowed the country’s dynamic economic growth in 2006 (by about 34%), what means that the economy of Azerbaijan was the fastest growing in the world. Sources are still rich and last for about 50 years, but many of them require investments in infrastructure renewal. In order to facilitate transport of Baku oil, the new pipeline Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan was built in 2005 (from Azerbaijan to Turkey). The capacity of the pipeline is 50 million tons of oil per year, but it is possible to 70 million tons. Natural gas is also an important raw material, because after the construction of the pipeline in 2007 (Baku-Tbilisi-Deniz) Azerbaijan broke the Russian monopoly on gas. Oil extraction accounts for 43% of GDP, but oil and gas account for 90% of the Azerbaijani exports. All of this is seen during a tour even 10-15 km from Baku. From time to time there are visible clusters of derricks to extract oil (on land and in the sea).


“Black gold” and gas are not the only wealth of Azerbaijan. For tourist from Poland fruits and vegetables have huge value. Maybe most of these products are available in other countries, but the taste of tomatoes, watermelons, melons, pomegranates, figs and aubergines is much better . 55% of Azerbaijan land are agricultural areas. There are mostly subtropical plants, green vegetables, grapes , cotton and medicinal plants. Much of this wealth is an essential component of local food or seasonal vegetables and fruits preserve. Sobe of them you can not find in Europe. For example cold watermelon with salty white cheese (as a way to survive in hot days) or different kinds of jams fruits depending on the season for the fruit. Due to the fact, that these fruits are national, their price is very low.


Another wealth of the country is the diversity of the landscape, which attracts tourists. Tourism in Azerbaijan has become more popular since 2000. There are plains, mountains, lakes, forests, rivers and there is a sea. Every visitor will find something for themselves. Of the eleven climate zones in Azerbaijan you can find nine. There are visible all 4 seasons. Although, it is a small country, there is a huge variety of flora. There are 6 well-known tourist routes along the most beautiful places. Since achieving independence, the government took drastic steps to protect this huge wealth.


In conclusion it is worth to underline unique position of Azerbaijan, which brings a lot of advantages. The area is rich in resources, which gives a stable economic situation, much of the land is fertile, resulting in rich flora. The diversity of climate encourages tourists to visit different places. All these riches are properly used, to make them available for future generations.