After half of a month in another country you already have some kind of vinaigrette in your head which consists of the droll and the weird remarks about the place you live in. If your expectations from the next 400 symbols in this article are about philosophical reflections with a clear plotline I recommend you to stop reading right now, because you’ll be totally disappointed.

Someone will be shocked with the information, someone will be surprised why I’m writing about usual everyday things. Anyway I decide to dedicate my time to the things I’ve faced here, in Azerbaijan, for the first time in my life.

1. I’ve never heard the music at each metro station.

And it’s not about musicians who try to earn money playing guitar etc. Every station in Baku has a musical accompaniment borrowed from famous azeri melodies. Fast and slow, hilarious and sad, so don’t worry if you forget your headphones at home, the metropolitan in Baku has a really special offer.


2. I’ve never seen such a huge number of expensive cars in one place.

On the road, in the parking. Here in Baku you’d rather pay your attention at the inconspicuous old Lada.


3. I’ve never been the only girl at the platform before.

Let’s continue the topic of the subway. Coming back home by the metro after 11pm don’t be surprised being the only lady at the whole station. Girls here would rather spend their evening at home than go back alone at night. But not me, that’s why I really faced the situation when I was the only girl at the whole platform.


4. I’ve never seen patrols on each corner of the street. 

Seriously! They are everywhere. Your safety is assured.


5. I’ve never seen such charismatic children. 

For me Baku is not only the city of fire and winds but children. Once just show them that you have a camera and they won’t hide behind their mother’s backs, they will do everything conversely. Children are everywhere in Baku so I can’t even imagine a better place for taking unaffected pictures of little once.



6. I’ve never visited the mosque in honor of the president.

And actually I didn’t, because It was closed, but anyway, they even have The Heydar Mosque.


7. I’ve never put a piece of sugar on my tongue before drinking tea.

Spoon during the tea time? Come on, guys, forget about it. Local citizens drink sweet tea in another way, you just need to take a piece of sugar, put it on your tongue and then drink. The tradition of tea drinking here is very strong and believe me it’s impossible to spend at least one day without tea.



8. I’ve never knocked in the bus if I wanted to ask driver about the stop.

Firstly you cannot understand what’s the reason of “this strange noise” in the bus but then after a while looking attentively you’ll notice that instead of asking about the stoppage, people start knocking on walls. And it works!


9. I’ve never eaten camel meat.

It’s not a joke. Because 4 days ago I’ve discovered “Qutab”. There were two types of it, first one with “the usual meat” and the second one with camel. To be honest I didn’t feel any differences, but maybe it’s because of the sauces. 🙂


So here the 9 things which helped me to believe that I’m really out of my home and for sure it’s not the end of my list but enough for today’s sharing, because everyone who decided to read these information now has some things to think about. I hope so 🙂


See you!

Kateryna, UA.