-The city that never sleeps- Do you have any ideas about this nickname? I’m sure that you are thinking about New York, Las Vegas, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok and other cities besides this, there is one city which also never sleeps. Can you guess this city? Come on! Yes, BAKU. I’m right 😛

          In the daylight, there are many people wandering everywhere around this city. During the night, there are still many people waiting for wonderful night. The sun normally goes down at 9 pm here. It’s quite late for me as the sunset starts at 6 pm in Thailand. And here are the reasons why I give this nickname to this city.


The Flame Towers are the symbolic of Baku. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived at first time. Such a fantastic structure I have never seen before. No matter who you are, this tower can definitely catch your attention. I especially love walking along the seaside boardwalk on “park Bulvar” in a windy cold night. But please be careful while you are walking because the sound of the Caspian Sea and the taste of the beauty night can swallow you. Flame Towers are really worth visiting for everyone. You can see the lights on the Flame Towers dancing like flames of fire and the flags of Azerbaijan. This fire lights makes this city awake all the night.

          Moreover, a boat tour is really awesome. You can see the shining city from this moment. It took around 40 minutes ;however, it’s not ordinary 40 minutes since it was memorable 40 minutes for me. I was stunned by the wonderful view for few minutes and I still can’t describe all of my feeling in that time. I could say that this is one of the must do activities in Baku that you shouldn’t miss.


          If you are a person who enjoy the nightlife like me, the lively city-Baku must be a great choice for you. Baku is full of many pubs and clubs especially in the city center. Once, I went to pub and tried local beer. Atmosphere is nice. The taste is really good and classic. However, I was shocked with the price since it costs only 1 manat. In Thailand, alcohol drink is quite costly. Don’t forget to try Azerbaijan beer!


          Azerbaijan-The land of fire- Fire keeps Baku awake and lively both the daylight and the night. Incandescent fire’s going to keep blazing and giving the warm to this city and the people eternally and now I fall in love with the night in BAKU ❤ …


17 July 2015