Just imagine the whole day in the heart of the Caucasian Mountains. Sounds awesome. Fresh air, a lot of forests and finally never ending mountains. That’s a city called Gabala, or rather Qəbələ. It’s quite small, comparing to Baku, but has a lot of unforgettable attractions that make the stay there surprisingly attractive. To feel the beauty of Caucasus, you need to climb few hundred meters with one of many cable-cabs. Just after leaving the lower station, rising up with the rope, in few seconds you see the magnificent view, which becomes more and more enjoyable every each second.


The first difference that I noticed, comparing to polish mountains, is the unusual land cover. There are only trees and rocks everywhere! It makes really interesting impression. At each step you can see parts of ski resort, that was recently opened in this area. The infrastructure for winter sports is really modern and must give a lot of fun during that time. Well developed  cable-cab system makes the place more accessible even in snowless months. Wherever you look, you see remains of ski runs and valleys in which now there are small rivers with clear water flowing wildly and irregularly.


In summer time, when there aren’t so many people there, Gabala becomes a great place for long walks and reflections for loners and people with their companies either. You can just enjoy your time with pure atmosphere of wilder and crowd-less Azerbaijan. It’s the best alternative to never ending nights of Baku. Would you still feel there exactly the same kind of fire as in the city? For sure not. So why not to try something different?

Kajetan, PL